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The WCLDF does not provide funding to take the place of the WCLS’s annual operating budget, nor does it provide funding for bricks and mortar or employee salaries and benefits. The WCLDF does provide funding to ENHANCE the venues, programs, and services for the people the Library serves. Major contributions have included funding to:

    1975-1976 — Enhanced the Southwest Branch Library, which opened in 1976, with furniture, fixtures, and equipment;
    1979-1980 — Automated the Library System (checkout, catalog, etc);
    1982-1983 — Enhanced the North Branch Library, which opened in 1984, with furniture, fixtures, and equipment;
    1986-1987 — Enhanced an addition to the Southwest Branch Library, which opened in 1987, with furniture, fixtures, and equipment;
    1988-1990 — Enhanced Bookmobile services, including acquisition of a data radio system, which allowed on-line patron access to the Library computer system for reference, checkout, etc;
    1993-1995 — Enhanced the Ogden Valley Branch Library, which opened in 1995, with furniture, fixtures, and equipment;
    1996-1997 — Enhanced Weber County Law Library services, making legal resources available to the general public in electronic formats;
    1997-1998 — Augmented public computer centers in each Library building, by providing Internet connectivity and enhanced software packages;
    1999-2000 — Commissioned a professional (Dan Jones) survey of those living in Weber County to guide the Library Board of Trustees’ planning process;
    2000-2001 — Procured accounts payable and general ledger software and training to improve the Library System’s annual budget execution;
    2003-2004 — Commissioned a professional (Doug West), independent performance audit of Library operations to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of Library operations;
    2005-2006 — Arranged donation of a 4.25-acre building site for the Pleasant Valley Branch Library and Community Center to extend services to an underserved portion of the County;
    2006-2008 — Enhanced programs and services to be offered in the new Pleasant Valley Branch Library and Community Center;
    2008-2010 — Implemented RFID (radio frequency identification) technology systems, including materials handling and self-checkout services;
    2010-2012 — Implemented eMedia services, including one-stop kiosks for downloading of eBooks to various hand held reading devices;
    2012-2013 — Arranged donation of 7.25-acre building site for the Southwest Branch/Headquarters Library to facilitate expansion of services on the western side of the County;
    2013-2014 — Oversaw a public awareness campaign to inform voters of issues related to a general obligation bond election in support of a Library five-year capital plan;
    2014-2015 — Provided funding to enhance collections, equipment, and services in a new Southwest Branch/Headquarters Library;
    2015-2016 — Provided funding for a design competition to “reVive Lester Park,” in conjunction with renovation of the Main Library; and
    2017-2018 — Working to enhance a renovated Main Library and renovated/expanded North Branch.