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Throughout time, forms of communication have shaped how we think and learn, work and play, behave and relate, and have accumulated to become the history of humankind. Just as the transition from oral traditions to print, and then to broadcast, changed our lives, so will our continued transition to a digital culture. Libraries house and preserve the human history of information, inspiration, and ideas in all of their forms, and technology is dramatically transforming our ability to access and process it.

The growing demand for equitable access to electronic resources, coupled with the public’s ever-increasing appetite for traditional library services, is stretching public libraries to the limit, worldwide. During 2005, the Weber County Library System staff serviced a record 92,000 active cards, accommodated 1,253,000 visits, answered more than 1,687,900 information requests, sponsored more than 1,500 programs, and hosted almost 50,000 individuals attending meetings in Library facilities. Patrons borrowed more than a whopping 1,225,000 items.

To more efficiently meet this explosive demand for multi-faceted Library services in Weber County, the Pleasant Valley Branch Library and Community Center is being constructed. The building will be the home of dynamic collections and vital information services, and will provide state-of-the-art venues to host a broad range of events including, but not be limited to, film screenings, music and dance presentations, folk arts festivals, and art and interactive museum exhibits.

Stakeholders have been deeply involved in conceptualizing and planning for the execution of this project. The 4.25-acre building site was donated by an interested family; Friends of the Library canvassed the community, informing residents of a series of public hearings where concerned County Commissioners would consider and eventually approve an adjustment to the Library’s tax rate to provide funds for “bricks and mortar”; and the Library Development Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization, pledged support in raising funds to enhance the basic building infrastructure with world-class, technology-smart, multipurpose spaces.